Chris Triolo


  • 5 years of full time experience in 3D + 2D Animation

  • Additional skillset including rigging, programming, and design

  • Enthusiastic, positive, & easy to work with

  • Experience managing all animation + implementation on projects, working w/ tech director + art director


* Maya * 3DSMAX * Unity * Photoshop * Flash * C# * Lua * Toonboom *


Freelance Animation – 2017 (current) – Animator/Rigger

  • Rigged + Animated new mouse chara for post-release content on Fantastic Contraption (Radial Games)

  • Rig consulting + new animations for upcoming mech game Phantom Brigade (Tetragon Games)

  • Contract animation for Wolfire Games’ Overgrowth

Gaslamp Games – 2011 to 2016 – Animator/Rigger

  • Rigged and animated all characters (1200+ animations, 30+ rigs) for Clockwork Empires. Defined animation style, worked with team, engine programmer & art director to present a consistent look within tech limitations.

  • Additional Clockwork Empires duties: FX animations, gameplay coding in lua, economy design, event gameplay design, design blog posts for Gaslamp Games website

  • Created over 150 new sprites and sprite animations for Dungeons of Dredmor and its two expansion packs with an eye to keeping the art style consistent with other artists’ work

Klicknation – 2011 - Animator

  • Created attack animations in Flash to be sold on the premium currency shop in Superhero City

Sizzle Entertainment – 2011 – Animator/Rigger

  • Rigged and animated main character of Jinx: Psychic Sidekick

Bioroid Studios – 2010 – Artist

  • Created art assets for Monstercraft

Mova/Contour – 2009 - Animator

  • Blending/cleanup on mocap for OnLive announce trailer


Academy of Art University 2004-2008 San Francisco, CA

BFA 3D Animation


IGF Judge, 2016 and 2017 Slates


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